Lifting Tips for Beginners

5 Things We Wish We Knew When We Started Lifting (Tips for Beginners!)

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There are two sides to the coin when you start your lifting journey. On the one side, everything is new and exciting. Your lifts are shooting up, you're beginning to…
Should i squat or deadlift first_

I’m Squatting and Deadlifting Today, Which Should I Do First?

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Ah, the old question, "squats and deadlifts, which should I do first?" This is a fantastic question because it allows us to set programming parameters for ourselves as lifters, and…
Front loaded squats for tall lifters

3 Back Squat Tips for Tall Lifters

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Every single lifter will have their preferred lifts in the gym. This is normal and preference and favorability towards certain lifts are multifactorial. Sometimes we love a lift because of…
best kettlebell exercises for glutes

3 Best Kettlebell Exercises for Strong and Bodacious Glutes

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So many of us are on the never-ending quest of building big, strong, bodacious glutes. Strong glutes are essential for nearly every aspect of life. In the gym, strong glutes…