About Us

Jake Boly, MS, CSCS

Who Is Jake Boly
Jake is a weathered veteran of the fitness industry and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and holds an MS in Sports Science. Jake has written over 1,700 articles about fitness and health and runs the men’s performance-focused training gear site That Fit Friend. When it comes to fitness and health, Jake takes an approach that encompasses the idea that there’s no one-size-fits-all style.

Eugen Loki, CPT, PN1

Who Is Eugen Loki
Eugen is the owner and creator of the @Pheasyque Instagram page, website, and personal training business. He?s worked with hundreds of clients in person & around the world, and his specialties include improving fitness and body composition through a combination of specialized strength training programs & the building of sustainable eating habits, based on the goals of each individual athlete.

How Jake and Eugen Met

Jake and Eugen met when they were both tapped to assist another lifter on a project. Right away, they knew they possessed a lot in common. Both of them approach fitness and nutrition with an open mindset, so their ideologies blended seamlessly.

In addition, continual educational education is at the forefront of both their businesses. After a lot of open discussions, they started wondering, “How could we team up to build something amazing?”

Fast forward to the Christmas of 2019 and their first project went live. The Concrete Pheasyque eBook was initially launched for free and there was also a paid programming option. The eBook was downloaded over 25k+ times in 24-hours and their site crashed multiple times. Needless to say, Jake and Eugen didn’t really get to enjoy Christmas that year but knew they were onto something and that alone was worth it.

The question above and the success of their first book have become the catalyst of their friendship and joint business endeavors. Jake and Eugen want every lifter to experience what it feels like to be strong, and on top of that, they want to help every lifter to understand the backend side of training.