Eugen Loki

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Hi guys!
My name is Eugen, I’m 23 years old and I’m a half Albanian half Italian boy who does Personal Training, Online Coaching and Fitness blogging as a job. I’m a student aswell, and I study Computer Science at the Roma Tre University of Rome.
What my hobbies are, you may ask..?
Well..I like to go to the gym, do heavy deadlifts, eat good food, draw instagram posts that go viral, read Self Development books, write fitness articles, travel, play League of Legends, TEKKEN and a couple of other things. Not too many.
I decided to create Pheasyque so that I could share with everyone my greatest passion which is Fitness.
I came up with it while walking my way back home from the gym after a good workout on the 03/01/2016.
Pheasyque stands for the essence of my approach: Building an aesthetic physque in the “simplest” way possible:
“Physique – ph easy que” ..makes sense, right?

I promise you that if you’ll read the stuff that I’ll share here, you’ll end up knowing what to do Fitness wise.
Seriously, I’m pretty sure I can deliver good advice in an unique manner.
I love talking about Fitness in an understandable way, and the very goal of this website is to create a platform, a straight line of useful and comprehensive content suitable for everyone who approaches this world:
A source of information that you’ll be able to use and apply in order to build an aesthetic physique, trying to minimize the amount of errors during the whole process.
This way, if you won’t succeed at it, at least you will no longer be able to blame your Mom or Dad for your “shitty genetics”, but you’ll still be able to blame me for having made you aware of the facts.

I will write articles on everything: training, nutrition, my past experiences, the errors, the things that have worked, and hopefully help everyone out there struggling with this.

Please read, understand..

and maybe take notes as well!

See ya,


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