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The roadmap for improving your strength, body, lifting technique, and habits.


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Select between our Powerbuilding Programs or True Beginner program. Each program is designed to improve strength in the squat, bench press, deadlift, and overhead press, and provides you with accessory exercises to build a well-rounded physique.

Every program flows through cohesive training blocks to help you focus on strength, hypertrophy, and power in a strategic means.

Powerbuilding Tier IBest Value

$ 9.99

Per Month
  • BEST FOR: Lifters that are self-sufficient that want a program and direction, and to learn more about training.
  • Weekly Easy-to-Digest Lessons (made of articles and videos)
  • Strategic and Clear Programs (barbell and bodyweight options)
  • Warm-Up Add-On Download
  • 100s of exercise videos and tutorials
  • Exercise Library Add-On
  • 12 FREE Return to Training Lessons
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Powerbuilding Tier IIMost Popular

$ 29.99

Per Month
  • BEST FOR: Lifters that want technique feedback on a regular basis and have other questions they’d like a coach to help them with.
  • Weekly Easy-to-Digest Lessons (made of articles and videos)
  • Strategic and Clear Programs (barbell and bodyweight options)
  • Warm-Up Add-On
  • Exercise Library Add-On
  • 100s of exercise videos and tutorials
  • Exclusive Deals On Books, Future Programs, and Nutrition Course
  • Individual Form Feedback (receive answers within 24-hours!)
  • Access to the Private Pheasyque Lab Facebook Group (open office hours included!)
  • 12 FREE Return to Training Lessons
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12-Week PowerbuildingBest for Lifters On a Budget

$ 27.00

One Time Payment
  • BEST FOR: Lifters that want a timeline-focused program that flows through strength and hypertrophy blocks.
  • Over 50+ Training Lessons
  • Affordable Programming Option (average $9/mo!)
  • Warm-Up Add-On Download
  • 100s of exercise videos and tutorials
  • Exercise Library Add-On
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Nutrition Course + Bundle Options!

Level up your training by grabbing our nutrition course OR pairing it with a 12-week Powerbuilding Program. Our nutrition course is the PERFECT tool for helping you strategically cut fat, gain muscle, and maintain an achievable physique.

When you bundle you save. The nutrition course and powerbuilding pair include 3-months of programming and over 100+ lessons!

Cut, Gain, and MaintainNutrition Only

$ 49.99

One Time Payment
  • BEST FOR: Lifters that want to improve their nutrition knowledge and build strategies that are REALISTIC for their goals and lifestyle.
  • 50+ Lessons for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain
  • The Course Takes You Down Two Paths (Cut + Gain)
  • Add-On Fat Loss and Muscle Gain Calculator + Progress Tracker
  • Course Access for Life
  • Access to the Private Pheasyque Lab Facebook Group
  • Great for Every Level of Lifter!
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Powerbuilding + Nutrition BundleBest Value Option

$ 67.00

One Time Payment
  • BEST FOR: Lifters that want to make serious gains in the gym and build better nutrition habits as they progress to accomplish their goals with strategy.
  • 3-Month Powerbuilding Program With Additional Content Add-Ons
  • Over 100+ Training and Nutrition Lessons
  • Access to Our Private Facebook Group for Form Feedback
  • Add-On Fat Loss and Muscle Gain Calculator + Progress Tracker
  • Best Value Option for Training + Nutrition
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How Pheasyque Lab Works

Unlock weekly training programs and easy-to-understand lessons starting at $9.99 a month!



Gain access to your program!

Get Lessons and Programs

Learn the science of strength training with weekly lessons and build a program that you love!

Receive Coaching Support

With our Tier II option, ask for technique feedback, nutritional advice, and receive support when you need it.

Improve Across the Board!

Build self-confidence, increase strength, improve your physique, and increase your knowledge.

Is Online Training Right For You?

Online training can be an incredibly powerful tool because it provides health and fitness resources to you no matter where you are in the world.

You get access to the best information, for a low price, and can exercise on your own schedule.

With Pheasyque Lab you have the ability to customize and adapt your training plan to any circumstance. At The Lab, you can:

  • Progress at your own pace
  • Add variations you want
  • Choose between a barbell and bodyweight program
  • Have coaches help refine your lifting technique

Meet the coaches

Here are the minds behind the Pheasyque Lab.

Got questions?
We got answers!

What is Pheasyque lab?

The Pheasyque Lab is a subscription based platform in which people can learn the science of strength training through weekly evidence based articles, videos, and drawings covering relevant topics with an additional workout routine that progresses every week.

Why should I join Pheasyque Lab?

This platform is for those who want to skyrocket their knowledge without having to navigate through the endless amount of information that floods the internet. The goal is to make clients aware of the WHY behind their results as they progress through their journey.?

We wanted to create a progressive workout program that also ramps up knowledge in a similar fashion to what you?d learn in a certification course.

What differentiates Pheasyque Lab from other coaching platforms?

While there are plenty of other coaching platforms that work and offer great programs, we feel that most of them aren’t providing enough information for the client that is willing to learn the ‘theory behind the practice’.?

It’s true: most clients only care about the results, however…we want to take it one step further. We provide results for those that simply want a well-written program, but we also provide weekly lessons for those that want to use them and learn! This way you get a program and lessons that you can choose to use, to learn, at any time.?

Here at the Lab, our goal is to make sure that every one of you is able to get the results you’re looking for, but at the same time, learn more about the art and science of training.

Can I run the program and NOT use the lessons?

Of course. That?s the beauty of our product! For those that only want the program, simply click through each lesson until you reach the program download. This will provide you with what you?re looking and the lessons will always be there if you choose to go back and read them, or brush up on knowledge!

How are lessons structured and delivered?

Following the first week, weekly lessons will be emailed to you on a weekly drip basis. This ensures you?re not doing too much too quickly and allows us to structure lessons accordingly. Plus, this gives everyone something to look forward to on a weekly basis.

Are we talking about the classic, boring (for some) research reviews?

Not really. If you’ve been following Pheasyque on Instagram, you know that science stuff hasn’t been conveyed in the same, conventional way that may be confusing or even boring for some.?

Don’t get us wrong: articles will be up to par with the current evidence, however, we try to present information in an easy-to-understand and digestable manner. No fluff.?

The core essence of Pheasyque is to provide information, and even complex information, in a very easy way to understand it. Pheasyque itself comes from the pun made of the words ‘easy’ and ‘physique’, which basically means creating a strong and muscular body with an easy, no fluff approach.

What are the articles going to talk about?

So many things! Our weekly lessons cover a variety of topics and they typically relate to the training plan you?re following. For example, if we teach you about drop sets, then your program will include drop sets.

Topics covered in our weekly lessons include:?

  • Science of training
  • In-depth exercise tutorials
  • Tips and cues for exercises or other methodologies
  • And much more?

Remember, lessons will vary and they will pertain to the program that you?re following. Yes, we have more on the way!

What is the training going to be like for the Intermediate Program?

As we continue to grow here at Pheasyque, our training will also grow. To begin though, the intermediate program will start with four workouts/week and it?s built to progress strength, power, and hypertrophy with evidence based guidelines.

The beauty of the subscription program is that this will also change as we progress through various training blocks. Frequency, volume, and intensity will also shift depending on the main goals we?re targeting for the training block you?re in!

Every week, your program will come with various notes for loading every exercise, too, so we can be confident you?re making gains on a micro basis.

What if I don't know how to perform the exercises?

That?s okay! We?ve filmed videos for every exercise and included coaching cues/notes for each video. They are linked within the program so they?re easy to pull up and access while you?re in the gym.?

Look, we wish we could be handson with everyone on our program, but we?re limited to the confines of our bodies (someone close us!). However, as we continue to grow, we plan to build an app that has a much more hands on feel with in-person coaching. Be patient with us, as we only plan to improve our coaching and delivery of messaging to you.

What if I can?t perform the programmed exercise(s)?

No problem! Every exercise has a list of variations that can be performed in its place. Simply download the ?Exercise Variations? spreadsheet that gets sent along with the first week?s program.

What if I never trained?

That?s perfectly fine. While the main ?Pheasyque Program? is designed for intermediate lifters, we?ve built a 4-week beginner program to accommodate for this. This beginner program can be run for multiple months, too, so if you want more time before starting the main program, then take it!?

The beauty of Pheasyque Lab is that as you run the beginner program, you?ll also receive the weekly lessons from the main program. So while you might not be running that program when you start, you can follow all of the lessons to learn and grow!

What if I'm an intermediate/advanced lifter?

Get in here! We think you?ll love this program. It?s designed for intermediate lifters and has micro loading to ensure every type of lifter will make progress on a week-to-week basis. The lessons will only get more in-depth as time goes on, so even the advanced lifter can find benefit with our program.

What if I don't know english?

The program can be loosely translated through Google Translate, but that?s not good enough for us. We plan to bring this program to different languages once we get up and running.?

If you want to start on the English version, then switch once your language is released, then you can simply email us and we?ll grant you access to the program with the language of your choice.?

As for timelines on release, we?re still finalizing which languages will come first, so hang with us! We?d suggest starting with the English version, then transitioning so you understand the flow of everything.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

If you?re running the monthly subscription plan, then you can cancel at any time!?

If you?re running the annual plan, then you will not be permitted to cancel following the first two weeks of running the program. The annual plan is already discounted and trying to allocate funds with respective timelines used etc. doesn?t work with our service!

Can I get a refund?

If you complete a FULL month and you’re not happy, then we’ll give you your money back. All we’ll ask you for is feedback to improve!

What else does Pheasyque Lab offer?

Outside of our subscription based programs, we also offer books pertaining to various topics and plan to roll out much more in the future! Stay tuned…

Who are Eugen Loki and Jake Boly?

Eugen Loki and Jake Boly are both fitness coaches that have a combined 10+ years of experience in the industry. Eugen runs the viral ?Pheasyque? Instagram page and manages a personal training business, and Jake is a veteran strength sports journalist with a personal training business.?

Both Eugen and Jake authored the popular book ?Concrete Pheasyque? and decided to combine their knowledge and experiences to build the Pheasyque Lab. When running a program here, you?re getting a program that was molded by two brains, not one.